More about that parking derth

I’ve been living in the Inner Richmond for a year, so I really, really should have known better than to try and drive my car over to Clement street on a Saturday when I needed to go to the bank before heading elsewhere.

Clement, which I’m sure I’ve written about before here, is one of the main drags through the Richmond, and in the Inner Richmond it’s a wonderful street full of shops, Chinese bakeries, restaurants, book stores, travel agents, hair salons, Irish bars, corner stores, local groceries, what have you. All of this on a narrow street (at least compared to the two streets to either side, Geary and California) that’s perfect for pedestrians. Of course, everyone and their mom is out there on Saturday, and everyone from outside of the neighborhood coming in is trying to park there. Parking is mostly parallel, and it fills up fast. Worse, you get people stopping in the middle of the street to unload their car, or even leaving it there as they run inside a store for “just a second.” Honestly, I’d be fine with them leaving the avenues open and closing off some of the blocks to cars and trucks… except there’s also the Clement St. bus during the day.

You hear about parking in SF being ridiculous and impossible; Clement during business hours is one of the poster children. Seriously, what made me think I could park anywhere near my bank that day? Other than being in a hurry as well as a dumbass, that is.

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