Begone, foul spectre, or I’ll slay you with my… with my… uh, hold on. *flip flip flip*

Dungeons & Dragons for Dummies I’m not as much as a gamer geek as I was in ages past (though still enough of one to say stuff like “in ages past,” har har), when I had tons upon tons of RPG books that actually sometimes got used. As time went on and we got more involved with our careers, friend and I would talk about putting a game together, but no one would have the energy or time to put the work in to set it up. Still, today as I was giving some out-of-towners a whirlwind tour of some of the different areas of the city, we ended up in Gamescape over on Divisidero, which as far as I can tell is the only game store in town. They sell RPGs, strategy/war games, puzzles, and board games—and not Parker Brothers stuff; the indy game manufacturers are represented here. (Did you know that a game could be “indy”? S’truth.)

They also have a selection of used games that you can get on the cheap, but as far as I know, they’re not buying stuff off of customers at this time. For that, speaking as someone who cleared out his bookshelves a few months ago, you could go to Gator Games in San Mateo. They’ll take anything, but you’ll only get store credit for your stuff, not cash.

The book pictured here was in the rack of new books, and… well, seems inevitable when viewed from geekland, right? Call it a pursuit of happiness.

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