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Pirates alive and well on Stow lake

Pirate fight in Stow Lake

Today’s wacky event was a priate battle in Golden Gate park. This was similar to the zombie flashmob but it was pirates fighting on Stow lake. It was a birthday party for our dear friend Nifer. Most of the people that were around the lake enjoyed the show but found it strange that we weren’t part of a theater group.

I’ve posted the full set of photos on flickr.

Justice, Cole Valley Style

Today I made peace with the fact that, yes, I am one of those neighborhood busybodies. Someday I will have the city complaint line on speedial. I’m okay with that.

It’s just that I have this innate sense of justice. And when I see the jerks of the world getting away with their jerkiness, it burns me up inside.

Here’s the story. Last Thursday night, as I was taking the pups on their last walk of the evening, there was the unmistakable sound of a moving car hitting a still one. A car alarm blared out and the dogs and I turned to see a purple Scion speed down Carl Street and off into the night. No note, no nothing. A hit and run. Bastard.

My car was similarly hit on Carl Street a few years ago and it cost $7,000 to fix. Insurance covered it, but my rates went up for a year. Probably some drunk idiot stumbling out of one of the bars and driving when they shouldn’t. Same thing happened to this poor car – it had been sideswiped from front to back. I made a mental note to keep an eye out for purple Scions.

Then, this morning, I saw the same purple Scion. I knew it was the same car because it had a dent and a broken taillight right where it hit the other car.

My mind raced. I could leave an angry note! No, better, I could etch a few choice words on the side of the car with my keys! No, better! I could go to the store, buy yellow spraypaint, and write HIT AND RUN on the side of the car. But I did none of those things. Instead, I took a photo.

Later in the day, I called the police and reported the license plate number and what I’d seen. Then I took the photo, added personal note to the people involved, made a poster, and put it up in several places on my street with enough tape to make it a huge challenge to remove.

Yeah, I’m a neighborhood busybody. But it could be worse. I could be a bastard who smashes into parked cars and flees the scene.

I know, I could be fighting global poverty or working on a cure for cancer or something. But those are problems too immense to think about. If I can bring a tiny bit of justice to my little corner of Cole Valley, that’s enough for me.

Looking for SF apartments in these modern times

Simple, technology-augmented steps to a newer, housed you:

  1. Create a Bloglines account or otherwise download an RSS feedreader application of your choice.
  2. Go to Craigslist and do a search in a specific neighborhood for what you’re looking for.
  3. Grab the RSS feed and stick it in your reader.
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for any other neighborhoods you’re interested in.
  5. Let your boss/project manager/sensei/commanding officer/whomever know that you’re looking for an apartment in SF and you may need to pop off early to go check places out here and there, and that they shouldn’t be giving you any crazy deadlines because that’ll mean you won’t have time to look at apartments which may mean ending up homeless, which in turn means that you will go live with them. This is not a threat, this is “creative time management.” It’ll work, especially if you’ve talked up your amazing collection of formaldehyde-preserved exotic arachnids in the past.
  6. Check that shit in your RSS reader like every day, multiple times per day if necessary.
  7. If there’s a listing that sounds even remotely good, call. Call right now. Some places get snapped up fast. Arrange a viewing.
  8. Go check it. Have your list of questions ready, like if you can repaint, what the neighbors are like, etc.
  9. If the place is being shown by some sort of rental brokerage, and the broker is there to answer your questions, grill them hard and look for inconsistencies in their data. They’re there to make a commission and they will say what they think you want to hear when you ask about soundproofing, plumbing, etc.
  10. Have your renter’s history/info with you in case the place is so sweet that you want to snag it. Also have your checkbook ready in case you can put a deposit check on it to hold it while you go through your credit check. Other methods of staking a claim, like licking the front doorknob and calling “dibs!” will probably not work.
  11. Keep up steps 6 through 10 until you get your happy apartment. Congratulations, renter!

And if anyone has a one bedroom or large studio near one of the highways that they’re gonna rent out in the next 6 weeks, drop me a note, yeah? Grazzi.

Congratulations Christiana!

I just got the SMS that our own Christiana Dominguez has finished the San Francisco Marathon! Congrats! Now go have a beer and a lie down.

CD’s previous entry about the marathon.

A person account of the zombie flashmob!

The zombie mob started at California and Grant. The mob being a bunch of brainless zombies roamed in circles for at least half an hour. I was able to avoid being bitten by taunting them with my camera. The zombies then proceeded to stream down Grant Street. They were unable to get through the tough metal of oncoming traffic but they weren’t giving up. They blocked traffic. They caused mayhem. They caused tourists to scream. But fear not, they didn’t eat the tourists! No BRRRAAIIINNNNSSS there!
The mob made it to market street where they were able to capture more of the local zombies. During all of this, a live hip hop video about zombies was being made. They used the zombies as a backdrop while they rapped about eating brains.

By god at this point, we had a ROT of zombies. That’s what you call a gathering of shamblers that eat brains. A rot.


Zombies in SF!


As promised, zombies invaded the streets of downtown SF today. Unlike the real thing this was an insane amount of fun. After we thought the fun was over and left our undead brethren to wander alone in search of brains we decided to swing into the Apple store to buy some goodies. What we didn’t know was that they followed us! The Apple store was overrun with at least 75 zombies to the abject horror of the guy who just cleaned all the glass in the store. A task he would now have to repeat to remove the blood and gore left behind from the invasion. I’m sure they’re still whooping it up at the graveyard and having a grand old time. Things like this are what make me love this city so damn much. The photo above was snapped as the hordes descended the glass staircase of the Apple store after eating all the Genius Brains at the Genius Bar. If you took photos of todays carnage please leave us links in the comments. I can’t wait to see them! More of mine are over here.

The only question now is do I watch Shaun of the Dead or Dawn of the Dead…

Avast ye!

I have to admit I’m a little embarrassed that we’re posting this so late since it started yesterday and I’m such a huge fan of tall ships. So I don’t know if you’ve been down by the bay the past few days but we’ve had a few visitors on the waterfront and the reason is Sail San Francisco! 2005. We’re being over-run by beautiful sailing ships thanks to the Pacific Rim Foundation. There are tours and more going on for the rest of the weekend. I’ll definitely be heading down tomorrow to check out these tall masted beauties. I pass 2 of them on the way to the office and they are amazing looking ships. Now the only issue is do I go with Pirates or Zombies? Next thing I know there will be a Ninja convention hitting town and I’m really screwed!

Be sure to check out the Ship Battles on Saturday and Sunday from 1:00pm – 4:00pm & 5:00pm -8:00pm. Sounds damn sweet. If anyone has pics from the past 2 days drop us a link in the comments.

From their website:

This summer, International and domestic tall ships and training ship will return to San Francisco Bay, marking the beginning of Sail San Francisco! 2005, a five day tall ship and multicultural festival to take place July 28 – August 1,2005. Historic-classic ships, merchant marine and navy vessels from the United States and abroad will grace the Bay and dock along the waterfront.

Zombie flashmob!

Rumor has it that somewhere in San Francisco we have zombies.


I received a message from the brain eating master today:

“We’re trying to create a self perpetuating Zombie Mob in the streets of San Francisco on Saturday (Saturday, July 30th). A seed group of zombies will start at St. Mary’s square, and as we march up Market St. we’ll attack Willing bystanders, converting them and giving them ingredients to make more zombies. We’ll end up at Union Square,
Eat tourists, then eventually hop a train to Colma for a Picnic in the Cemetary. There’s a reception afterword at Launchpad with Blood Wrestling and Zombie Olympics, then Movies and Music. See to get involved.”

If you need makeup for the event or some limbs to munch on, you can contact their leader via email.

Speaking Of MUNI Issues . . . .

In case any of you are going to be up early on Sunday – or even not so early – and are looking to MUNI to get around – you might want to check out the substantial list of lines affected by the San Francisco Marathon, including the: F, 1, 2, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 12, 14, 15, 18, 19, 22, 24, 26, 27, 28, 29, 31, 33, 37, 38, 43, 44, 48, 49, 53, 71, KLM-Owl, and N-Owl from 6:00am till 1:00pm.

Good luck.

Bomb Scare?

I just heard an unconfirmed-by-MSM report of a bomb scare in Justin Hermann Plaza – or surrounding areas – that’s closed 3 BART stations – and, I’m guessing, the SF Marathon Expo going on there right now, where runners are picking up their numbers and shopping for new ubertechy race wear.

Anyone down there who can report on what’s going on? If anything.

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