Ever Get The Feeling The Employees Hate You?

Nevermind that if you leave, for good, they might not get paid, but whatevs.

Depite their continuing refusal to link back to this site, my latest favorite local haunt still beckons armed with free WiFi and good food (free coffee and iced tea refills don’t hurt either).

But sometimes – especially on the weekends, it’s like they just don’t care. Now, it pains me to slam these kids – hell, I’m here nearly everyday – and eventually, if they’re still googling themselves to rip content for their website, they’ll put two and two together and maybe spit in my food. But enough is enough – at least on this Saturday.

The afternoon started with a nasty little catfight between one of the young male employees and a young female employee. Somekind of pissing contest over who would babysit the outside table resulted in young male employee screaming obscenities at the girl and ordering her back outside. You shoulda seen the face of the elderly lady just trying to read the paper and enjoy her coffee. She was definitely not paying for the privilege of having dude scream “I don’t fucking care, bitch, god, get back outside.” Charmmmming.

After he tired of yelling, things calmed down a bit. Though I haven’t seen the girl lately – which means either she left while I wasn’t paying attention or she’s crammed in the fridge in the back, headless.

And now, they’ve decided that it’s time to rock out to the “punk crap we all like on our own but know our boss isn’t so keen on” channel. Turned up to 11. It’s quite a contrast to the piquant flavors on the cheese plate. I hate being the ol’fogey here, and I love the Beastie Boys as much as the next gal, but not so much in this environment.

Though I’ve heard of restaurants slowly upping the volume over the course of a few hours to prod diner turnover, that’s not why they’re doing this. They’re doing it because, from what I can tell, the cat’s away and some days, the customers just don’t matter.

I really do love them – they try so hard . . . usually. I feel like this place is just steps from true greatness. And I’m rooting for them (see: food, good; wifi, free). But don’t make it so fucking hard, okay?

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