Support Your Local Bigfoot

bigfootYou ever ride the Matterhorn at Disneyland? My favorite part was that tight curve when all of a sudden you see this giant white sasquatch. It goes RAWR! and you go AGGH! and then the ride’s over and you stand in line for the next one.

I get to do that every day on my way to work, except that the ride is the N-Judah, the mountain is the hill that separates Cole Valley from Duboce Park, and the sasquatch is a beautiful graffitti bigfoot painted at the beginning of the tunnel (just look to the left on your way downtown).

That bigfoot was painted by the graffiti artist known as Bigfoot One back in the 90s and there are lots more around town. Our favorite local bomber has been grabbing some acclaim lately with shows all over the world and now a nice little interview in the SFBG. (Not to mention an original piece, commissioned by yours truly. Happy birthday, Heather!)

Bigfoot One has some work in a gallery show right here in SF called I’ll Put My Trust In You, which opens tonight (Friday) at On Six Gallery. There’s an opening party starting at 7pm. It’s five bucks to get in, but free if you show up before 6pm. Great art and thumpin beats expected.

And if you see a tall, mysterious figure with long hair and a shy demeanor, it’s probably Bigfoot One. Buy his art, but don’t try to take his picture – it always comes out blurry.

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