Spring is here, Hallelujah, Spring is here

Check out the weather outside. The sun, the shine, the lack of fog. It’s simply a sight to behold. Makes me want to lie in the park and sleep under the sun’s warm rays. Unfortunately, I’m stuck inside the office, fending off sleep caused by too much carb-intake in the morning.

It’s this kind of weather that makes me regret not having enough warm weather clothing. I have t-shirts, but not enough skirts and dresses; not casual ones at least. That’s primarily because warm weather in San Francisco is such a freakish thing that I plan my entire wardrobe around my pair of Levis. Which is very limiting, admittedly.

Last Friday (before the torrential downpour over the weekend), it was similarly warm and wonderful, so a few co-workers and I went to nearby South Park to grab a bite to eat. Now this may sound super-lame coming from someone who has lived in SF since 1999, but I’ve never ever been to South Park here in San Francisco. Heck, if I didn’t see it with my own eyes, I would’ve thought it was a myth. It’s like a little slice of small-town suburbia tucked away in the midst of SoMa. Small-town suburbia filled with a curious combo of geeks, VCs, yuppies, and families, that is.

I went to South Park Cafe due to a recommendation. I found it to be kinda hoity, but the food sounded good. One item on the menu is called Pig Salad, which is a salad made with pork confit. Sounds sinfully delicious. I ordered the Croque Madame instead, which is basically French toast made with ham, cheese, and topped with a fried egg. It was so good. Simple and good. We had our food outside on the park, picnic-style, and people-watched a good bit. We saw this old guy with a huge SpongeBob Squarepants t-shirt on, and a friend couldn’t help but shout “SPONGEBOB ROCKS!!” at him. He looked stunned, then turned around, and smiled. I guess it doesn’t sound too hilarious now, but at the time, it was like it was the funniest thing in the world, and we totally cracked up.

Such is the good time had when it’s actually sunny and nice outside in our fair city. Here’s hoping it lasts through the weekend.

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