Lights out

Power’s back on here in the Upper Haight after about a 2 hour black out. Not sure how widespread it was since everyone I could ask was out and about and didn’t return my calls or SMS’s. Last time this happened it was fairly localized and my friends up the road are on the same grid as the hospital so they weren’t affected. Anyway it was really nice actually. The streets went dead quiet after a short while and I could hear someone serenading his sweetheart by acoustic guitar several houses away. I lit candles and watched the last 2 episodes of the new season of “Wire in the Blood” on my laptop until the lights came on halfway through the last episode. So I paused and turned off the lights and went back to the solitude. The streetlight outside my window has the same cast as the candles so it didn’t bother much at all. It kind of added to the warm glow in the apartment. Tonight is a stark contrast to last weekend when we had one day with 2 separate incidents with the police outside my door. Literally outside my door. First was some domestic squabble in the street having to do with kids and some irate woman in a BMW. 4 squad call on that one. Later in the evening when my friend and I were walking back from North Beach Pizza I saw a guy getting pummeled by some gang banger looking creep coming out of the McDonalds parking lot. All seemed well until said banger came running past us in the middle of the street talking on his cell phone (does EVERYONE have to talk while doing something else? Where do we draw the line?) in hot pursuit. We got to my door as they caught up to each other and the screaming began. Beaten guy started talking shit about having a knife then no less than 4 seconds later was screaming to the street in general to call the police and for help. Cops arrives about 3 minutes later. An the Haight… The smell of the ganja now wafts merrily in from the street. All is well in the hood again.

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  1. Nicole Lee (unregistered) on March 27th, 2005 @ 3:17 am

    Our area didn’t get hit by the blackout, fortunately. But that might be because we live all the way out in the SW part of SF — different electrical grid, mayhaps?

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