PSP Madness

In about 3 minutes from now, the Playstation store in the Metreon will be deluged with crazed video game fans who are dying to get their hands on the Sony PSP. Word is that they have camped out at the Metreon ever since early Wednesday morning — complete with sleeping bag and folding chair in tow — in order to get their hands on the coveted handheld gaming device. Ah, the addictiveness of video game crack. Not that Sony does anything to discourage it — they decked out the parking lot building next door with an enormous replica of the PSP, complete with video game demos and clips playing in loop. And no Metreon event is complete without a huge rotating searchlight casting a white glow into the nightsky causing the people in the surrounding area to go “Hey! What the !@#% is going on over there?!” Like moths to a flame.

When I was there, it was already 7 p.m., and the line had stretched all the way to Howard St. There were police barricades and cops roaming the area. Not that anything really violent will happen. I mean, these are video game geeks. What are they going to do, stab them with a stylus? (Note that I myself am a video game geek and am allowed to make such statements). Then again, I’ve heard that at past video console releases, some people got really assaulted. With real weapons. So who knows.

The thing that really tickled me was what I saw people playing with when they were waiting. Some people in line ALREADY HAD PSPS. And they were playing with them right there. With the other people looking on. I’m guessing they were waiting in line just to get more PSPs. The sheer audacity. You gotta love it.

Check out some of the photos on Flickr that are being tagged PSP and Metreon in order to view the craziness from early on (the PSP tag might show you the launch queues from other parts of the country as well).

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