Made It: Across the Bay ’05

A few weeks back, I mentioned that I started training for the SF Marathon. I also mentioned a 12k run that fit into our program’s training schedule.

That was the Across the Bay 12k – held yesterday from Fort Baker in Sausalito to Aquatic Park in San Francisco. The Marin Independent Journal covered the race and explained how it almost didn’t happen:

Late last week, race director Dave Rhody was informed the Presidio Parade Grounds was to be closed off yesterday morning as it was the only launch site large enough for Cheney’s Chinook helicopter. The Parade Grounds happen to be Mile 5 of the 7.5-mile route from Marin’s Fort Baker, across the Golden Gate Bridge, to a finish at San Francisco’s Aquatic Park. Rhody was faced with the near-impossible task of rerouting, remeasuring, and recertifying the course in a day or two; it had to be accurate as Across the Bay is the Northern California 12K championship.

The race was saved via contacts and the threat of negative publicity – which on the one hand makes me feel better about the chance at normalcy under the Bush administration and on the other hand makes me a bit concerned for security (really, bad PR is all it takes? Though, I suppose, this is less homeland security as it is second-banana security).

I suppose there aren’t many places around here to land a big ‘ol helo. Still, I’m glad they found a better place.

The race itself was exciting – my first large scale running event. The weather held, despite some menacing clouds in Marin and some really unpleasant headwinds across the bridge. And I was only about 60 minutes off the winner’s time – so I think next year will really be my year.

One guy ran the race barefoot – taking frequent stretch and yoga breaks – and the most disconcerting moment was recognizing that first wave, elite runners had not only finished by the time I passed mile 6 or so (much sooner than that, really) but these show-offs were still running back along the course. Bastards!

I toyed with the idea of blogging from the road (my personal site supports audio posts), but decided no one needed to hear the sound of one blogger dying on the trail.

Will Campbell, from our sister site, blogged the L.A. Marathon a few weeks back. So we know it’s at least possible . . .

Next up, Bay to Breakers . . . .

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