Car Math: A Word Problem

Roommate B leaves for fantastic foreign vacation, leaving Roommate A with the keys to Car B. Roommate A has keys to Cars A and B, both parked in Monday spots, both need to be moved prior to street sweeping. How many car movements does Roommate A need to make before Cars A and B are safe from $35 parking tickets?

Answer: Ha! Trick question – apparently DPT doesn’t actually ticket on Presidents’ Day. At least, they never showed up today. However, Roommate A took the following actions anyway –

Move Cars A and B onto sidewalk, in front of House, H. Watch as Car J swoops in to steel Car B’s intended spot. Once DPT never shows, pull Car A into prime spot. Return Car B to original spot. Take Car A to airport. Return. Put Car A in spot 1. Note spot 1 is too small. Note Car B in spot 2 is big enough for Car A. So – simply pull Car B up 3 feet, leap from car, into Car A, move Car A back, double parking it between Car B and illegally parked vehicle X. Set A’s parking break and hazards. Leap back into Car B, move up into Spot 2. Growl at would-be spot theives in cars M, Y, and Z. Throw Car A in reverse, set parallel parking landspeed record. Re-park Car B avoiding driveways D and E.

Conclusion: Cars A and B are safe for another week. Roommate B is somewhere, mojito in hand, oblivious to frantic car movements. Roommate A reaffirms state of missing-Los Angeles, with copious available parking, and fewer stupid street cleaning antics.

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  1. Jim Browne (unregistered) on February 21st, 2005 @ 9:48 pm is your friend. Or, sell your car(s).

  2. cd (unregistered) on February 21st, 2005 @ 10:11 pm

    good link – thanks.

    i’d sell my car, but that’d be a bit like getting rid of a pet. it’s the angeleno in me – we have special relationships with our vehicles. and since my landlord won’t let me have a dog – a car it is.

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