Supes to Drive Hookers Further Underground

Next up on the Supervisors’ hit list, Peskin wants to confiscate cars used for soliciting hookers.

How about this – instead of imposing your morals on others, why not decriminalize the pratice so that prostitutes aren’t forced on to the streets? Or maybe just cite the assholes who make excessive use of their car horns? Nah, it’s more fun to dictate the use of women’s bodies.

As a former resident alien of The Netherlands, I can attest that Holland and Belgium have this right. The red light districts are safe for patrons and women, and regular testing ensures there is no spreading of disease. Very sensible people, the Dutch.

On a separate note, in case you didn’t hear, there was a happy ending to one recent story. The aid package was denied, much to the chagrin of Chris “Temper Tantrum” Daly. One day that kid is going to mouth off to the wrong person and get knocked out.

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