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wetweather.gif So I’m back in SF after globetrotting around the country only to return to this! What the hell is up wit dat? I know I may be spoiled, what with being from LA and all. LA Being the land of eternal sunshine, but this is ridiculous! It should be illegal to rain on New Years. I want to sue dammit! Although when I left Pittsburgh at 5am EST this morning it was 4 degrees so I guess this isn’t too damn bad. So there is a point to this entry besides my inanae weather bitching which is, my family wants to visit from the East Coast and I wanted to know what the best spring month to visit for a few weeks is. When does the weather break for a bit so we can have a few weeks of relative goodness weather-wise?

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  1. Joann Landers (unregistered) on December 27th, 2004 @ 1:42 pm

    May is nice.

  2. cd (unregistered) on December 28th, 2004 @ 2:20 am

    Yes, May is nice. May, June, and mid-September to early/mid October. That’s it, buddy. Sorry.

    (if it makes you feel better, as i post this, I’m in LA and it’ll be sucky and drizzley all week down here, too.

    happy new year, indeed.

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