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I don’t know if it’s my recent weight loss or some cosmic force, but I’ve noticed a higher instance of creepy cat-calls this year than any other. Just yesterday, as I was walking around 16th and Mission, this guy just walked straight up to me, and said in my ear, “Nice ass.” I kept on walking, ‘course, not wanting to even make eye contact. It was one of those weird “What the hell was that? Did I hear that right?” moments. Another one of those moments occurred a few months ago, as I was exiting the M train at the Powell station. A guy brushed past me as he was entering the train, and just said right in my ear, “Nice legs.” Again, I was bewildered. Do these guys think of these as pick-up lines? Or are they just mentally unable to keep thoughts to themselves? Hey, don’t get me wrong — I’m flattered. But at the same time, rather creeped out. I just hope the next time some guy does that, he doesn’t follow me home.

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  1. irregulargirl (unregistered) on December 29th, 2004 @ 4:20 pm

    don’t take it personally. the men in this city are so desperate for attention that they will say those lines to as many women as they can in hopes of one responding (i suppose?). i have yelled at men who find it ok to say such rude things. i am never flattered by the unwanted attention. i am not there for their entertainment. instead of being meek and polite you should speak up and not allow yourself to be objectified.

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