Dear Everyone with Opposable Thumbs,

It’s time to email the FCC. Tim Goodman, in a freaking excellent editorial in the Chron yesterday, points out that the ultra-conservative and truly bogus (in the Bill-and-Ted sense of the word) Parents Television Council (who certainly wouldn’t let their kids get away with omitting useful apostrophes…would they?) is behind 99.8 percent of all “indecency complaints” to the FCC.

Goodman tells us that “the FCC is supposed to be a sounding board for people who view a TV show, are upset about the content and seek a place to complain outside of the network that aired it. But the process is being hijacked by people who in all likelihood aren’t even watching the shows but are responding to a group that tells them the content is wicked.”

In a related Mediaweek article, the Great and Powerful Oz of Moral Values was revealed to be a handful of conservatives huddling behind a big curtain hung by the Parents Television Council. Apparently, an episode of “Married by America” set off the indecency alarms…in a whopping 34 living rooms:

Fox, in a filing last Friday, told the FCC that it should rescind the proposed fines, in part because the low number of complaints fell far short of indicating that community standards had been violated.

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  1. Jackson West (unregistered) on December 20th, 2004 @ 4:03 pm

    God I love me some Tim Goodman. That PTC crap is an embarrasment to our country. I don’t know which is worse – that the FCC is too stupid to see that their notification system has been completely hijacked by a single group of religious nutjobs and prudes, or that they do know and go along because that’s exactly who they feel they should be representing.

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