The 14th Pedestrian Killed in SF this Year

Beverly Kees, was struck and killed by a truck as she was attempting to cross a street in San Francisco.

Kees, 63, was a longtime journalist and author. Most of her career was spent as a reporter and then editor in Minneapolis.

Ms. Kees co-authored “Nothing Sacred: Journalism, Politics and Public Trust in a Tell-All Age”

The driver of the truck has not been charged. There was no evidence that traffic laws were violated.

As I drive my taxi, in the South Bay and San Francisco, I am always astonished that pedestrians will step off the curb without looking. Please, it only takes a brief second.

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  1. Mia (unregistered) on December 13th, 2004 @ 5:23 pm

    I want to feel more sympathy. I know that I should. I think I’m just frustrated with how stupidly some people behave. I’ve not only seen pedestrians step in front of busses; I’ve seen people try to rush across the street as emergency vehicles are racing towards them. While it’s a little harsh to say that these people deserve to be hit, it’s kind of their own fault for not being more aware.

  2. Cici (unregistered) on December 17th, 2004 @ 12:27 pm

    While I certainly agree that there is a disturbingly large portion of the SF pedestrian population who are perfectly willing to put themselves in harm’s way by unnecesarily stepping off the curb, reckless drivers play a big part of SF’s car vs. pedestrian problem. Driver’s don’t stop behind crosswalks. The “California roll” can be viewed in all its glory at every street corner with stop signs. People drive as fast as they can on city streets because no one stops them. I live in an area abundant with four way stops and I’m always super-careful about crossing the street because there are intersections where I know that people never stop, but instead barely slow down. I live near a school, but that does nothing to temper the speed demons. The anti-red-light running campaign of a few years back was not just effective, it was necessary. It’s clear in this town that pedestrians and autos BOTH have to be more careful–neither side has a monopoly on being right in this one.

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