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About the only hard rule here at our cozy metblog is that posts tie back to the city preceding that first dot.

Reading this article in today’s San Francisco Chronicle, more than just the city of publication seems to make it relevant. It’s subject: Macs and the fanatics who love them.

Seems a Wired News writer has written a book about the obsessive subculture that Mac devotees comprise.

I’m typing this post on a PC (a fact at which a few fellow metbloggers rolled their eyes in bemused pity during a recent meeting), so I’m tempted to read the book so I can “get it” too. (I’m fairly sure the last Mac I used with any regularity was a IIe and I recall distinct frustration at not getting the turtle to go where I wanted him to when I wanted him to. That an unfortunate week with a G4 – ? – in a congressional office on the Hill before we scrapped the mac system in favor of something that jived with the rest of the office. I still feel bad for the Apple lobbyists who visited the day was covered with bits of colorful lucite and sorry, abandonned, single-button mice.)

Nothing says Bay Area like tech, nor individuality. And Mac lovers are the progeny of such passions. Personally, I’ll probably never trade my ctrl+alt+del for anything with an open apple, nor function with a machine on which I cannot right click – but I do give major points for superior aesthetics, and I have come to love my iPod – surely the gateway Mac product.

The article’s brief descriptions of some of those profiled in the book are enough to make me want to run to Borders (or my nearest SF independent book seller, of course) soon. Check it out.

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  1. brian lam (unregistered) on December 13th, 2004 @ 8:30 am

    Very few people who are involved in the debate have given both sides a fair shot. I started working at Maximum PC magazine, and had 15 years of PC use under my belt before I started using OS X.

    Forget the zealots, they don’t help the argument. But here’s the science: Free-BSD core (secure, stable, unix-y), apple interface. If the operating system was a lady, it would be heidi klum with a PHD in rocket science. And as any geek will tell you, its all about the software. (lets not even get into industrial design)

    Mac myths: expensive? Not true anymore. Says me (I review hardware for wired for a living), and says walt mossberg, the tech guy who gets paid half a million a year to do my job at the Wall Street Journal.

    The only drawbacks to macs are: Being apple’s bitch. Free markets aren’t good for apple, but it would be good for the users. At least the OS is build on Free-BSD, kinda…

    Performance. But thats why I have a PC for video editing and games. I mean, 99% of my tasks are email, word, browsing, IM, photo and music. Just about any modern computer can handle that.

    Still, I couldn’t live without both.

    PC: Games, Video, CPU intensive tasks.

    Mac: Everything else, and for day to day computing.

    That book isn’t going to help you understand Macs. I didn’t get it until I was forced to use one after using one at Wired. Now I get it…

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