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We are home this year. I have work in the morning.

Weather insanity

To piggyback on Jason’s entry below about the mad rainy weather here, this morning we were woken up by a really loud roll of thunder, followed by the wailing sounds of a car alarm. It was bizarre. I guess there was a flash of lightning and it somehow messed with the car’s electrical system?

Looking outside now, it looks like the rain is still going strong from yesterday evening. The drains are overflowing, and the roads are just a little flooded.

Definitely boot-wearing weather.

Welcome Home!

wetweather.gif So I’m back in SF after globetrotting around the country only to return to this! What the hell is up wit dat? I know I may be spoiled, what with being from LA and all. LA Being the land of eternal sunshine, but this is ridiculous! It should be illegal to rain on New Years. I want to sue dammit! Although when I left Pittsburgh at 5am EST this morning it was 4 degrees so I guess this isn’t too damn bad. So there is a point to this entry besides my inanae weather bitching which is, my family wants to visit from the East Coast and I wanted to know what the best spring month to visit for a few weeks is. When does the weather break for a bit so we can have a few weeks of relative goodness weather-wise?

On the Night Before Christmas…

A friend and I ventured to Noe Valley to do a good deed. We were surprised to see the multitude of holiday lights sprinkled about on the Victorians. And some merry sould had even modified the Noe at 24th Street sign to read “Noel”.

But that was not the merriest holiday sight we saw.

On 21st, driving from Noe back to the Mission, over a few crests of the hill, we saw a large group of people milling about in the street, doubleparking, and the like. Turns out they were there to see the Christmas House.

This house didn’t just sport a few twinkling icicle lights in its windows. No, it was a full-on evocation of the North Pole, with a huge Christmas Tree, oversized presents including a Sponge Bob-esque and Hello Kitty-like couple that mesmerized several small children.

And Santa was even there, asking children what they wanted for Christmas.

Lest you think I was on the way home from a holiday party during which I ingested too much festive eggnogg, I snapped the below photo for you.

Happy Chrismukkah!

Merry Christmas, San Francisco

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone! Hope all San Franciscans have a good one!

Technorati Users Group Meeting

Technorati Users Group meeting December 21

Come drink beer and learn more about the Technorati API next Tuesday, December 21, at 7 p.m. at 21st Amendment in San Francisco. I will introduce Technorati API calls, demonstrate some existing applications built using the APIs, and lead you through some sample code using XPath and Java.

Disclaimer: I’m an Engineer at Technorati so I’ll be there with bells on. If you’re a geek and in the neighborhood stop on in!

City “Attractions”

I don’t know if it’s my recent weight loss or some cosmic force, but I’ve noticed a higher instance of creepy cat-calls this year than any other. Just yesterday, as I was walking around 16th and Mission, this guy just walked straight up to me, and said in my ear, “Nice ass.” I kept on walking, ‘course, not wanting to even make eye contact. It was one of those weird “What the hell was that? Did I hear that right?” moments. Another one of those moments occurred a few months ago, as I was exiting the M train at the Powell station. A guy brushed past me as he was entering the train, and just said right in my ear, “Nice legs.” Again, I was bewildered. Do these guys think of these as pick-up lines? Or are they just mentally unable to keep thoughts to themselves? Hey, don’t get me wrong — I’m flattered. But at the same time, rather creeped out. I just hope the next time some guy does that, he doesn’t follow me home.

SF supervisors propose gun ban

I don’t like guns as much as the next guy, but I don’t know if a sweeping gun ban in the City is that great of an idea (see what happened to D.C.). Besides, isn’t this illegal? I don’t know, I could be wrong.


Metroblogging turns 25!

Well not 25 years old but we now have 25 cities-a-blogging so go say hi to our new friends in Dallas and Montreal!

Damn that’s good eatin!

Since I moved here everyone has been buggin me to go to Crepes on Cole and tonight my local tour guides Derek and Tantek took me over for a late supper. Derek’s lovely wife Heather joined up with us and I finally got to see what all the fuss is about. I had a Florentine crepe with some hot apple cider and was not disappointed in the least! It was without a doubt the best crepe I have ever had. The place doesn’t have WiFi themselves but there are 5 to 10 open access wifi spots in the area that you can hop on and get some work done while you scarf your grub. They have a few good beers on tap as well so you can get sauced and get your work done too. Best to snag a seat by the window for the best signal strength. This place doesn’t seem to be any kind of secret to locals since I was told to go there by at least 8 people but if you’re in from out of town and visiting the Haight-Ashbury part of town it’s just a short walk up Cole street so I encourage you to check them out. Tomorrow I take the plunge into learning the city’s public transportation system!

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