Just a little too close to be funny

Living in North Beach now, Paul Boutin has a fresh perspective of the life of a San Franciscan, relishing in the air of freedom, creativity and aesthetics.

All he has to do is walk down Columbus to “Cafe Pucinni” or go find this incredible place called “Albona” (on Francisco) to know that he’s in a place, like no other place on earth.

Yet – it’s getting harder and harder to stay here.

I have three sons approaching draft age…..

Here’s Paul’s post…..

Now you can quit blogging about it and just go! CanadianAlternative.com makes it easy- they’ll even host a seminar December 6 in San Francisco, to help with that big Toronto-or-Vancouver decision. The Associated Press reminds you that “Americans have to follow the same procedures as everybody else — including the $500 (387 euro) application fee, the $975 (755 euro) landing tax, and the wait of six months to two years.” I made a few calls and confirmed that yes, you’re allowed to come back for Burning Man, but don’t try to bring your “medicine” across the border.

[Paul Boutin]

Medicine indeed.

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