Achtung, Baby.

I’m writing this post not so much to recommend Walzwerk in the Mission, because, damn, their food is so good it speaks for itself, but rather to warn fellow foodies to abandon their devil-may-care, eat-it-or-leave-it attitude at the door.

I took the boyfriend there Saturday night, on accounta he spent his formative years in Germany and hearts German food very much. We ate delicious potato pancakes, pork and stuffed chicken, then found ourselves full before we could plow through the accompanying mashed potatoes and veggies. The waitress asked if we wanted to take our leftovers with us, and we said no, because a.) I hate leftovers and b.) we had to jettison our microwave before we moved up here from L.A. because it wouldn’t fit in the car. In response, the waitress shook her head and said “well, I’ll just have to throw it out, then.”

Now, Walzwerk is an East German eatery and the two of us should have known better than to cavalierly waste food under the watchful gaze of Marx, Engels and Lenin. But we didn’t. We are, quite literally, capitalist pigs.

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