Weird places…Miyako Hotel in J-Town

Have you ever been inside the bar at the Miyako Radisson in J-town? I went there to have drinks with some editors before a screening of The Incredibles.

Its so weird. The bar — which should be the most tokyoesque in all the city — has freakin budweiser banners, and cheesy neon signage in the windows. I did like the scrolling pickup lines going across the bar’s LED display.

When one drink turned into 4, the most lush coworkers and I missed the screening. And the more I had, the more I could not ignore the unguarded “do not enter” sign at the foot of a dark spiral staircase. I took a final swig of gin, and jumped the velvet rope with an equally mischievous friend. Upstairs, I found plush carpet, statues of poodles, zebra skin chairs, and familiar paintings tweaked to give all its subjects big, honkin, testicles. Yes, I said balls.

The House of Balls, owned by Joe Boxer, is a trip! It was closed off when I went, and the bar was locked when we tried to fix ourselves a free drink (drat), but I imagine the comfortable room is a nice place to have a cocktail when its open.

Miyako Hotel/Dot Lounge/House of Balls

Freaking weird, but I think I’d go there before or after a movie/meal in j-town.

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  1. Lil MIke (unregistered) on December 1st, 2004 @ 6:56 pm

    The House of Balls Bar, was built by the owner of Joe Boxer after he actually bought the title Lord of Balls from an English family unloading their aristocractic title. Yes… they can sell those things too.

  2. Allen Christian (unregistered) on September 4th, 2005 @ 10:47 pm

    I have a sculpture studio/gallery in Minneapolis called House of Balls. Six years ago, I received a call from a local merchant that asked if I would give a tour to the owner of Joe Boxer, who had just bought a British lordship called the Lord of Balls. Should I be honored or pissed off for having my identity stolen?

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