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Smoking ban on S.F. parks proposed

I just got news of this in my inbox. It seems that the San Francisco Board of Supervisors is considering a measure to ban smoking on city property, including parks, gardens, piers and any other property used for recreation. The Chronicle says that violators will be fined $250, though it’s unclear how the law will be enforced.
This is bound to spark some animosity, as many folks assume that they should be able to smoke outdoors if they can’t do so indoors. And while this ban is only on the aforementioned city property, you gotta admit that still puts severe limitations on where a smoker can light up.
I’m a non-smoker, and I’m rather sensitive to the smell of smoke, but I do have quite a few friends who are smokers.. so I do understand their dilemma. It’s a tough habit to crack, and smokers are generally seen as pariahs in most of California. I’m not trying to excuse it; I think it’s a terrible habit, and I usually try to get folks to quit. But a $250 fine for smoking in a park? That sounds kinda excessive. Although I guess you could see it as tough love.
What do you guys think of this?

Scenes from a parking lot

Overworked girl hustles from car to Linens and Things only to find that it’s closing and has but two poofs and a framed dog’s playing poker left for sale. For 70% off each, however.
Twitchy male hovers by car, noisly on cell phone: “Yeah, it was a $700 ticket, but I got it down to $100.”
Girl heads back to car and as she unlocks the door, twitchy male asks if there’s anything left in the story worth getting. He needs some mats. Puzzled at what kind of mats, girl responds, no, just crap left. TM twitches, says thanks. Girl gets in car, starts to shut door. TM waves frantically. G stops, looks. “Anywhere to eat around here?” he asks. G explains a few options. No good. He only wants to head south to his neighborhood. “Can’t he eat there,” G wonders.
She starts the car. Reaching for the brake release, she’s distracted by TM waving again. He asks about a decal on her rear window. She corrects his faulty assumption. He twitches. She reaches to roll up the window again. “What do you do?” he asks. “I work – legal work,” she reponds. “Law student,” he says. “Attorney” she replies, throwing caution and professional responsibility exam to the wind figuring that such answers usually shuts up similar males – all easily intimidated and likely to run away. He twitches some more. “Bye,” she says, rolling up her window. He stops twitching and leans on his car.
He leaps up in full twitch, makes the roll-down-the-window hand motion. “Yeah,” she asks wearily.
“Are you single?”
G drives away.
End Scene.
Boys and girls, I offer this to you as a warning and a lesson. Girls: this is San Francisco. The more bitter and rushed you seem, the higher the chance a twitchy male will make an ass of himself for your viewing pleasure. Better yet, just don’t roll down the window. Boys: really. Do you ever think such half-assed tactics work? Don’t pick people up in parking lots. And don’t talk about $700 tickets (I assumed “traffic” when I hear this story, some assume “airplane,” either way, it’s some shady business).
I offer this because our sister site had an item on LA dating and it struck me as odd that no one had addressed SF dating yet. It’s not something I know much about – so I thought I’d collect some stories. They weren’t good. Of course – the LA example wasn’t heartwarming for the womenfolk either.
So, I’ll punt to readers: SF Dating – hippie dream or yuppie nightmare? Marina mingling or SOMA slumming? Mission match-ups or Pac Heights prowling? Inquiring minds want to know . . .


Today is Talk like a Pirate Day.
No seriously.
So avast ye mateys – ye scurvey dogs.
If ye be unemployed and shite, than consider ye a posting with ye Pirate Store.
*****Posted to most loveable Craigslist*******
store manager (purveyer of pirate supplies and events planner)
Reply to:
Date: 2004-09-16, 11:31AM PDT
826 Valencia’s pirate supply store is looking for a store manager. It is a small store with a very fast paced atmosphere. We offer many treasures for sale including eye patches, antique nautical supplies, pirate flags, and student publications. Proceeds from the pirate supply store support the 826 Valencia Writing Center. We help students, ages 8 to 18, develop their writing skills in the areas of fiction, nonfiction, and English as a second language. We offer free drop-in tutoring, workshops, and school field trips. Additionally, we provide space and guidance for students who wish to create their own story collections, zines, and other publications
We are searching for a Store Manager to expand this business. This position will be located at 826 Valencia in San Francisco, California. It offers an excellent opportunity to be a part of a creative environment. This position requires an outgoing personality, attention to detail, and resourcefulness. Retail and administrative experience is a must. An art background is a plus! Please send all inquiries and resumes to: Nínive Calegari at
* Generates sales
* Manage the Sales Department and all sales related activities to ensure company growth objectives are met
* Hire, train, and motivate sales personnel
* Manage and develop key accounts and inventory
* Purchasing, merchandising, shipping and receiving inventory
* Develop market specific sales strategies
* Develop and manage the operational budgets for the sales and marketing departments
* Direct the production of all print and electronic advertising including print ads, product catalog, product data sheets, newsletters, press releases, and price lists
* Manage the company web site
* Direct the development of new product labels and packaging as required
* Supports efforts in scheduling activities (e.g., annual events and fundraisers, maintaining calendars, developing community relationships with local businesses, etc.)
* Maintains executive files and filing systems for vendors
* Handles personal contacts, including extensive contact with key business partners; ensuring all contacts and communication are handled with finesse, diplomacy, and a high level of professionalism
* Supports overall day-to-day functions of the office including the fish tank
* Provides administrative/marketing support for the 826 Valencia Writing Project
* At least 2+ years’ previous experience/responsibilities in retail
*Experience in non-profits is a plus
*Bachelor Degree in Business or related field is also a plus
* 2 years general administrative experience
* Proven computer abilities, Windows (Word, Excel and PowerPoint), Internet and email required
* Outstanding verbal and written communication
* Strong orientation for customer-service
* Outstanding attention to detail
* Outstanding organization and time management skills
* Proven ability to manage multiple projects and work well under time and other constraints
* Strong analytical and decision-making skills
* Strong presentation skills
* Ability to work on multiple projects with minimal direction
* Creativity and resourcefulness
826 Valencia
826 Valencia Street btw 19th and 20th
San Francisco, California 94110
phone (415) 642-5905 ext 207
fax (415) 642-5858

U There! Not So Fast . . .

For our cyclist readers:
Apparently that Kryptonite lock may have met it’s, uh, Kryptonite.
An SF Chron article tells of a massive recall of the U-shaped locks with circular keys. Seems a Bic pen – a Roundstick, I presume, can be used to pop the bike locks right off. No confirmation on whether this is a bad batch of locks or if all of them have always been bad.
I can’t help but think of one of my classmate’s recent loss – I think she had the same kind of lock.
So you might want to double check those wheels before someone checks out with them.
Add “lock” to the list of things a pen is mightier than . . . .

Agony of My Feet

About a year and a half ago, I started training as a professional chef and got myself a pair of Dansko clogs that would support my back for the eight hours I’d be on my feet. The amazingly knowledgeable people at Vintage, etc. on Mass Ave in Cambridge, MA spent a great deal of time assessing my having-no-arches feet and outfitting me with the best possible clogs with the best possible insoles.
As a result, my feet have been in heaven since that day and I am most reluctant to ever wear any other shoes. Unfortunately, while my clogs have held up with absolutely no outward appearance of wear, my insoles are kaput. Where in this fine city can I find replacements for my Fussbett insoles?

Looking for a Street to Walk This Weekend?

No, not like that. Seriously . . . .
There are about 8000 street fairs and festivals this weekend in and around San Francisco – here’s a sampling, but check out the Chron’s list for even more options:
1st Annual Valencia Street Fair — 9/19/04With a combination of artists, musicians, vintage clothing stores, diverse restaurants, cafes, clubs, bookstores, art galleries, mariachis and taquerias, Valencia St. adds a unique charm to the city of SF. This festival celebrates the neighborhood’s rich culture with live music (La Plebe, Penelope Houston, Japonize Elephants, Why-sall Lane, The Monolith, Emerson, DJ’s Soul Salaam, Vinnie Esparza and more) and food and beer from local restaurants and brewers. Valencia St. at 21st St., SF (map) 10 a.m.-6 p.m. All ages. Admission is free. Information: (415) 240-6384 or
10th Annual Arab Cultural Festival — 9/19/04The Arab Cultural and Community Centerpresent the largest celebration of Arab heritage in Northern California featuring arts, entertainment, food and traditions. At the San Francisco County Fair Building in Golden Gate Park, SF. 10 a.m.-7 p.m. $5.
SF Comedy Day in the Park — 9/19/04Comedians descend on Sharon Meadow for an afternoon of laughs, free and alfresco. Arrive early, bring sunscreen and blanket and think about taking public transportation. At Sharon Meadow in Golden Gate Park (Map). Admission is free. Information: [Ed’s note: if you check their webstie at the above link, there’s a totally different date – so you may want to double check . . . ]
Upper Grant Avenue Fall Art Fair — 9/19/04 Celebrates Beat Generation poets and writers who once roamed the neighborhood with non-stop poetry readings on multiple stages. Authors, jazz musicians, troubadours, storytellers and clowns will also perform on the street and in neighboring clubs, shops and cafes. More than 150 Bay Area artists will display their hand-crafted wares, including sculpture, photography, ceramics, installation art, painting, jewelry, glass works, clothing and textile arts. Free. On Grant Avenue, between Vallejo and Filbert streets. (Map)
Mill Valley Fall Arts Festival — 9/18/04-9/19/04More than 140 artists and craftspeople from California, Oregon, and Washington, as well as live music and children’s activities. At Old Mill Park, 300 block of Throckmorton, Mill Valley. 10am-6pm Sat; 10am-5pm Sun. $7.
Information: (415) 381-8090 or
There – go nuts – expensive arts and fried twinkies for all . . .

Pierce me

I’ve never had my ears pierced because, well, I’m afraid of pain, blood, needles, and infections. But now I’m considering getting them pierced, because I’d like to wear those earrings that require pierced ears. I’ve also heard some rather negative things about piercing guns, so I would rather go to a professional piercing parlor to get them pierced. So now I’m soliciting your advice — that’s you, dear Metblog reader — on the best places to go in San Francisco if you want some piercing done. I’m looking for a really high-quality and reputable establishment, with a broad clientele.
Any ideas, people?

Kearny St. Workshop’s APAture Started last night

I’m being boxed in by deadlines, but wanted to say hi. (Hi)
Last night I stopped in at Kearny Street Workshop’s APAture gallery opening on my way home. It was busy; the place was bustling with asian scensters, but even without them, the pieces were enough to hold my attention. Lots of amazing art, photo, film, and lit going down in SOMA.
Check it out
Talk to you soon,

The Dead Hate the Living

I know Halloween is a good month and a half away, but to have the best Halloween possible you have to start planning early. In this spirit, no pun intended, I am going to post the first of what I hope will be many, many, many courses for you to take to achieve Halloween fulfillment.

So. Spookycon. The convention of Spooky. Bride of Spookycon. Sounds like fun already, doesn’t it? I figured I should post this one early, because if you pre-register before October 1st, the whole weekend is only $45, as opposed to $30 a day at the door. With special guests not usually all seen in one room together, as well as dealers in everything from comics to corsets, and a Costume Ball, this event promises to be quite a bit of fun.

Special guests this year include comic writer Warren Ellis and comic artist Bernie Wrightson, ‘Master of the Macabre’. Before you begin to think that this is a just like Comicon, only spookier, check out last years guest list, which includes screenwriters, novelists, directors and actors. Sadly, Spookycon hasn’t announced other guests, even though pre-registration ends in a couple weeks.

Where: Spookycon’s hotel is the Radison Miyako, and the Imperial Ballroom will host the costume ball. However, the website does not seem to have posted all information about dealer space and other events, yet.

When: Halloween weekend, October 30th and 31st.

More info:

By the way, if you, like me, are always looking for the perfect costume(s) for Halloween I know you’re already thinking about what you’re going to wear. If you have any favorite places to shop for costumes, leave a comment, won’t you? And, even though this isn’t remotely San Francisco related, I want to give a shout out to Trashy lingerie. I was a member (yeah, you had to be a member to shop there) when I lived in L.A. and they always had the best Halloween costumes around, adored by celebrities of all stripe. Luckily for us, they are also online. So, now, you tell me where to shop for costumes in the city!

Don’t Mess With Texas

I really don’t believe that sentiment at all, especially not after what happened at the As game last night.
However, what I was most interested in was examining the reactions of the crowd as the chair was thrown. Check them out:

Some of them are like, “Ah, yeah! He threw it! Now it’s ON!” And others are more properly horrified, “My god, what has this game come to? I can’t believe he threw it!” One guy is like, “Ooh, that HAD to hurt!” Some nice lady actually looks genuinely worried.
Proud of that, are ya, W?

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