‘Alien’ in Golden Gate Park

The most random thing today . . . .
Trying to catch the last bit of fantastic weather before the fog rolled in this afternoon, I headed for the arboretum to read and bake.
There, I found a friend engaged in the same, threw down a blanket, flicked on the tunes, and relaxed. My friend kept putting down his book at staring at the blanket. After the third or so time doing this, he pulled back the blanket and said “what the fuck?”
There, underneath where he’d been, the ground swelled and fell, over and over. The bulge moved a few inches to the right or left, and two earthworms slithered out. Really gross.
I’m assuming it was a gopher – though it never made it out. My friend thunked the ground a few times to encourage the little guy to find a better route. He returned frequently however – making that section of meadow look like that dude’s stomach in alien.
Just something for you to keep in mind if it’s sunny again tomorrow. Meanwhile, if anyone can recommend a safer patch of grass . . . . .

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