An Open Letter to MUNI Riders

Dear Fellow MUNI Patrons,
I have a very small request of you, dear friends-in-commuting. I try to be nice when seats open up on my beloved N Judah. I scoot in and sit by the window. There’s no rule saying you should do that. No requirement. But I know that to some, a sole rider on the outside seat makes the inner seat seem unwelcoming. And since I’m always commuting at peak hours, well, I try to be nice.
Here’s my problem, however. You seem appreciative that I’ve left that seat open. You sit in it. Great, that was the idea. But when we get to my stop, do you move so I can exit before the doors shut and that lousy squeal starts when I push my way out of them? Noooo. You don’t do much beside try to collapse yourself into the seat. Sometimes you turn to the side.
Unless you are over 65, sick, arthritic, or otherwise incapacitated, please Stand The Hell Up and let me pass. There’s hardly any leg room for one – so two sets of legs don’t fit. And if you swing your legs into the aisle – where, incidentally, they will just trip others not lucky enough to have a seat- I’ll have little choice but to whack you in the head with my bag, backpack, or laptop – all of which are in plain view and clearly cumbersome as I do my best Courtney Kupets around the train bars to swing clear of your comfortably seated body.
So please, just stand for a moment and let us window-seat-sitters pass. You don’t even have to scoot over to the now vacant seat. Just let us out. And the world will be a better place. I promise.
Bruised Shins in the Sunset

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  1. (unregistered) on August 26th, 2004 @ 11:41 am

    I’m an also an N-Judah rider. I tend to stand up to let my “seat partner” out, but I don’t have a problem with folks who just swing their legs into the aisle.
    If you have a bag or a backpack, just carry it in front of you. Chances are it is already in front of you (on your lap), and I don’t see how you could get a backpack on your back anyways before you get to the aisle.
    Also, in a crowded N Judah I believe it is actually more convienant for the “standers” if a person just swings her legs out. It is easier to move around to make room for 2 legs than it is to make room for a whole person.

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