So, a few days ago, I blogged about the Courtland Pear Fear, technically, it’s the Delta Pear Fair, and today, I went. I missed Gilroy and the garlic – maybe next time.
Did you know we have a delta region in California? We have rivers? I know, it’s crazy – and personally, if it’s not the ocean, I don’t get it. But today, having finished my 5 mile “fun” run (at mile 4, it is not fun if you’re as out-of-training as I am), jumping in the river and borrowing someone’s wakeboarding equipment seemed like a great idea – since it was already in the mid 80’s and getting hotter.
I think the old farmer above was having a great time jamming to the local band playing past the next set of haystacks.
There were pear crepes, pear pies, pear smoothies, pear cooloers, and, duh, pears. It’s one of the smaller ag fairs around the Bay Area (Delta? Central Valley? You make the call), which makes it more manageable, but maybe a little less exciting.
The most disturbing find of the day was a jewelry vendor selling what appeared to be military academy class ring knock-offs. Somehow that seems wrong. Like – what conversation does that lead to? “Hey Chuck, great ring, where’d you get it?” “Thanks, I graduated from Annapolis. Your’s is nice too, where’d you get yours?” “Why, the Pear Fair, of course.” No, sorry, just doesn’t work very well.
Now – back to San Francisco . . . .
To prepare for this run, I’ve been running (not often enough) in Golden Gate Park. Spectacular idea, these urban parks. It’s one thing I’ll give SF over LA. Griffith Park just isn’t convenient to the whole city, but GG Park? Perfect.
One thing – and here’s where you readers come in – anyone have any idea how long some of the main jogging paths are in the park? There don’t seem to be trails per se – and I know that were I to jog straight down to Ocean Beach from my house on a street, it’s about 2.6 miles – but in the curvy park – how’s a girl to know?
For that matter – what are your favorite park spots? Meadows? Paths? Features? I’m partial to the Bison – and this one, random pond thing with turtles and some ill-tempered, unidentifiable fish.
And you?

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  1. (unregistered) on July 29th, 2004 @ 8:55 am

    Not an answer to your specific question but to a running distance question in GG park: How long is the outside track around the polo field? A nice, even 3/4 of a mile.

  2. Sal (unregistered) on July 29th, 2004 @ 9:59 am

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