Danceable Motown Monthly in the Mission

I’ve been wishing for a place to dance to Motown forever – and wandering into Casanova Lounge last night, at 16th and Valencia, I found myself a piece of Detroit, circa 1965. Heaven!
The DJ, Chris Dixon (I don’t know his DJ name), knows his stuff, and played danceable obscurities to surefire crowd rilers like the extended version of The Isley Brothers Shout that takes up two sides of a 45, and Stevie Wonder’s Uptight. Plenty of people were retro-fitting derbies, skinny ties on skinny shirts, corduroys and sweater vests, bringing it back to a day when men wore clothes, not athletic wear. On last call, the Four Tops Baby I need your Loving came on, and couples, and people just trying to get their independence day hump going could be seen standing close and whispering filthy nothings under the ‘nova’s tinted red lights. This is probably how your parents met, before proceeding to neck in the backseat of grandpa’s Cadillac.
This night – a first Sunday monthly – can’t be found on the Casanova website. Lets just keep it a secret between you, me, and your closest friends who are still cool enough to hit the town on a school night.
(PS, I dropped my Replica Bruce Lee Game of Death Jumpsuit into a puddle of vomit. Also, some slutty blonde leaned over and whispered that she “liked biting on ice cubes when she got hot”)

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