For the amusement of birds

I posted the same entry on my blog, but I figure some of you might get a kick out of it.

Early Sunday morning, on my way to get half a pound of Peet’s coffee beans (whole, of course, for later grinding), I had a rather bizarre experience that lasted about half a second. As I passed by a hardware store on the sidewalk, a bird flew out of nowhere and LANDED ON MY HEAD. I actually felt the claws dig into my scalp. At first, I was terrified because it didn’t hit me that it was a bird, and I shook my head reflexively. The second I saw the bird fly off, I knew it had landed on my head.

Okay, I admit I don’t have the best hairstyle in the world, but it DOES NOT LOOK LIKE A NEST! My hair does not in any way resemble a bird’s nest! I bet the bird was blind.

Now I’m wondering if a bird landing on one’s head is some kind of omen. Should I be worried? Or blessed?

Just so you know, the Peet’s I was talking about is the one on West Portal. If you happen to be in the neighborhood, look out for the birds.

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