Re-MUNI-rations: The Caltrain Edition

We’re taking the Caltrain and we hit Redwood City. There’s a sign. A
sign in wrought iron and in lights that says “Redwood City: Climate
Best By Government Test.”

The hell?

What exactly does that mean? Did the government come out here with
their black suits and vials and doo-hickeyometers and conduct somehow
determine what the best climate is? What exactly about Redwood City’s
climate makes it the best? Do I have to live in Redwood City to really
know what the definitive best climate is? Shouldn’t they put a note on
the sign that says what exactly the best climate is “75 degrees with 5%
humidity” I mean, what?

Then I got freaked out and thought that government tests vaguely
sounded like men in hazmat hats and big mushroom clouds in the sky.

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