Re-MUNI-rations, Part the Second

On my way to my first West Coast interview nine months ago, I took
every form of public transportation San Francisco has to offer. Well,
not the cable cars, but I’m sure my next interview will do its level
best to incorporate those somehow.

I just hope I can restrain myself from bringing a box of Rice-a-Roni along.

MUNI is jerky, subject to rush-hour traffic, and seems to let the air
in and out of its tires at stops. I chew a lot of ginger when I take

BART is smooth, sleek, fast, soundless, but, except for visiting my
East Bay friends, it doesn’t really go anywhere that useful to me. If
San Franciscites are so concerned about the environment and cutting
back on cars and emissions and such, please explain to me why their
subterranean transportation is not better connected throughout the city.

Caltrain is almost like taking the Amtrack Empire Builder from
Minnesota to Seattle except there is only one bathroom and it never
seems to flush properly. I have to remember not to drink my coffee
until I get to wherever it is that I am going.

A significant thing happened on my way down to Palo Alto. After the
usual announcements about all the stops down to San Jose and bike
space, the conductor said, “And remember, if you want to put your feet
up, please remove your shoes first.” On the Boston-area Commuter Rail,
you were never, ever allowed to put your feet up. How Californian — I
love it!

The Stanford Marguerite shuttle is quick, convenient and free.

Once you get all the way down to Palo Alto.

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